this is me

This is Kris and Zebedee

no one really knows which one is which, or who is the real artist.!

Hello, this is me with my best friend Zebedee dog and I like to draw. 

I was Born in Derby and I now live in a small place called Belper, which is on the doorstep of the Derbyshire hills.

I made my home here after I moved away from London. where I spent many years learning and working in Graphic Design.. 

The mill on the Derwent in Belper

I work in a traditional style of drawing, because I enjoy the clean accuracy and controlled detail I can get with my pencils. I do make the most of technology, but only as an aide to help me plan out an image before I transfer it to the paper where the drawing is all done freehand., and it can take a while as I like to include as much detail as possible. Part of the reason I love the pencil is because of the pattern and texture I am able to create to add depth to the final drawing.

A feature of my work is the use of space surrounding the subject, to direct the focus to the main character. My background in Graphic Design leads me to create simple, bold images where the surrounding space plays as big a part as the drawn image. Part of the magic for me is taking a image from a customer and removing the background to create a detailed drawing of something special to them.

If you would like to chat about a drawing or a personal commission please contact me.

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